Dear Parent, Caregiver, Self-Advocate, and Service Provider,

We invite you to complete the COMPASS Profile for your child, self, student, or client.

Discussion of the profile is necessary for the initial COMPASS consultation. This profile is also helpful for transition planning for young children and high school-age students as well as IEP planning. We encourage a team approach, so invite all people at home, school, and in the community who support the person with ASD.

Our collaborative work with parents/caregivers, schools, and other service providers rests on the shared input and decision-making for finding and creating the personalized goals necessary for optimizing outcomes. This shared input comes from multiple perspectives that give a fuller picture of the person.

Accessing the COMPASS Profile Online Assessment Form

A release of information form that can be downloaded and signed by parents, caregivers, etc showing their permission for the COMPASS Profile to be completed online can be downloaded using the link below.

Release of Information

To access the COMPASS Profile, click on THIS LINK and you will see the following:

1. A page that asks you to:

  1. Submit your email.
  2. Check your email for your password. It is important to look in your spam or junk folder in case the email goes there.
  3. Log in to the page with the new password. Save your message for future use.
  4. Select from a drop-down menu, the age of the person with autism.
  5. Select from another drop-down menu with a list of choices what your relationship is to a person with autism.
  6. Submit an email of another person you would like to invite to also complete the COMPASS Profile.

2. After you and a partner completes the profile, you will receive a notice and then be able to print off the profile for sharing.