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  • Q: How many account types can I have per email?
  • A. You can only have one account type per email, and you cannot change your account type after the fact. 
  • Q: If I start a COMPASS profile, can I save it and return to it later?
  • A: Yes, you can save your incomplete COMPASS profile and modify it whenever needed.
  • Q: Who can trainers invite?
  • A: Trainers can invite consultants. Trainers cannot invite teachers and caregivers directly without a consultant listed. 
  • Q: Who can consultants invite?
  • A: Consultants can invite teachers and caregivers directly even if they already have accounts. Consultants cannot invite or add a trainer if they already have an account.
  • Q: Who can teachers and caregivers invite?
  • A: Caregivers can invite teachers directly, and teachers can invite caregivers directly. Caregivers and teachers can invite multiple teachers and/or caregivers. Teachers and caregivers cannot invite consultants or trainers, nor can they select a consultant after the fact once they already have an account.
  • Q: Can teachers and caregivers see who their consultant is?
  • A: Teachers and caregivers cannot see who their consultant is from their platform. 
  • Q: Can anyone see the contact information?
  • A: No, the platform does not list contact or account information for any profile (i.e., a consultant invites a teacher or caregiver, but cannot see what emails were used to invite them).
  • Q: Can I update my account email?
  • A: You cannot edit or update your email for any profile. You can change your password, but you cannot change your name or email. 
  • Q: Can I update a child’s profile information?
  • A: You cannot change the name, gender, or age category of a child’s profile.