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After the diagnosis, at the start of each school year, during transitions from preschool to elementary school, to middle school, to high school, and beyond, individuals with ASD and their families have many questions: Which direction do we need to pursue? What is the best path? How do we achieve the goals we have set? How do we know if we are reaching our goals? And so on.

Our work in COMPASS is designed to help answer these questions.

COMPASS is a specialized consulting intervention where a trained consultant facilitates the decision-making necessary to help identify the personalized goals and intervention plans that will help answer the questions above.

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Get Started and Build a COMPASS Profile for Your Child or Student.

We invite you to create your own COMPASS profile for your child or student with ASD. You will be able to invite another person who works/lives with the child/student to complete the profile. This helps provide a more holistic view of the child at home and at school. Or you may complete it yourself and use it to help others understand your child.

You will be able to print the report and use it for a COMPASS consultation. Sharing different perspectives of the child at home and at school will provide important information as you identify personalized goals and create individualized intervention plans.

To develop your child or student’s COMPASS Profile, CLICK HERE.

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